Sharing ideas


Your presence could be because you are a fan of this blog (which is highly unlikely), someone recommended it to you (we all wish and love it if people did that, don't we?) or because you just stumbled on this blog (now this happens a lot). However, since you are here, stick around, you might find an idea or two that you might like here. After all, you have come this far, what is the worst that you can do? If you ask me, turning away now would be the worst thing you can do. So, just have a look before you go.

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The idea behind it

How does one merge a love for sports, learning and writing? Well, it has been said, "If you want to think: read, if you want to understand: write and if you want to know: do" This simplification of Yogi Bhajan's quote is not too divorced from Richard Feynman's learning technique which advises people to write everything they know about a subject, in the simplest terms possible, if they want to master it. Through this blog, I embrace both, as a student of cricket and sports. Needless to say, this is not just another cricket blog, even though one will encounter a lot of cricket in the articles on this blog. Neither is it just another sports blog, even though one will come across countless sports references. Other writers with greater ability have blogs where they offer insightful match reviews, previews and commentary. So, I'll leave that to the pros This blog is a little different.

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How you can lend a hand

There are a handful of ways through which one can lend a hand to Chadwick Drive. Please follow the link and find out how you can support.

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