I’m C. S Chiwanza.

Bios make me uncomfortable, self-conscious, but since you have to know something about me, here goes: I have been a youth activist, a gold and diamond panner, a sound technician, a protest poet, a satirist, entrepreneur… Depending on perspective, I have lived a life full of adventure, a rollercoaster, or it has been a hard life.

But, we won’t go into great detail, because getting into detail about all the above requires more space and a different platform. This one is not about me, but about ideas, mine and those of others.

Generally speaking, an idea is defined as a suggestion or plan for doing something. It is a formulated thought or opinion, and as such, cannot be taken as fact. The purpose of sharing ideas isn’t to demonstrate knowledge or wisdom, rather it is to open discussion and find the proper solutions to problems or get a better insight into things and events around us.

Why the name Chadwick Drive?

The site is named in the honour of Henry Chadwick, a Major League Baseball Hall of Famer. Chadwick, popularly called “The Father of Baseball” for his contributions to the sport was a cricket journalist who revolutionised the sport.

Chadwick had an encyclopedic knowledge of cricket and utilized it to bring improvements to baseball, a younger game that was still somewhat unformed and that he sought to make “more scientific”. Chadwick was deeply passionate and driven to tell others about sports, and it was his love for cricket that drove him to journalism, as he attempted to merge love for the sports and writing.

To learn more about Henry Chadwick, here are useful links: https://www.mlb.com/cut4/henry-chadwicks-baseball-illustration/c-136793758 and https://sabr.org/bioproj/person/436e570c.