Enoch Nkwe: The more you listen, the more you learn [The Idea-Sharing Project Ep. #2]

Skill, Know-how and Myelin: the difference between knowledge and experience

What athletes do, though it looks easy to the viewer or analyst, is a result of years and years of deep and targeted practice, years and years of myelin accumulation. As viewers, casual observers, analysts and commentators, we need an extra second to take in information in relation to the match situation. Athletes need much less time to make decisions and take action.

Distractions (Part 3): Managing Distractions And Staying On Course

Distractions account for an incredibly high number of dropped points, lost matches and missed opportunities in sport. Therefore, it’s little wonder that opposition “mental disintegration” was a part of Steve Waugh’s tactics. Nowadays, across all sports codes, opponents try to upset each other’s focus and concentration to get an edge. Couple that with the demands of the leagues and fans, among others, that leave an athlete depleted both physically and mentally.

Here today, gone tomorrow: Action bias, coaching and the scarcity of time

Coaches are not magicians and do not perform wizardry. Changes in coaching do not often result in immediate results because the same new brand of play, new philosophy and new culture all take time to take root and develop. For the most part, the coach will seem tactically inept as players yo-yo between the new direction and what they are accustomed to.