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My best guess is that you are here because you have a desire to support Chadwick Drive, or maybe you decided to take a tour of the site and found yourself here. Either way, it doesn’t matter how you got here, the fact is that you are here. So, why not make the best of the situation?

If you have a desire to support the site, thank you very much! This blog exists for the readers and can only survive if the readers support it. If you are like me, you don’t like to have to navigate through a maze of adverts or pop-ups just to be able to read a few paragraphs. Let’s face it, ads are gross, off-putting, if we are honest, and that is the reason why there are none on this blog. However, the decision to not have ads means that the site needs to create revenue in another way. Hence, this page, where I outline the ways of support through which you can help:

  1. Tell others about Chadwick Drive – Blogs do not grow in readership because they have great content. No. They grow because someone tells someone else about them, they grow because someone spreads the word. Please share links to articles that you like with others and on social media platforms. This is huge!
  2. Buy a cup of coffee – Some put ads, others put up a paywall. Chadwick Drive has a tip jar. Each cup of coffee you buy helps the blog stay alive and remain free for everyone. You can do so by visiting the Chadwick Drive Buy Me Coffee account
  3. Subscribe – One reason why you should subscribe is this: you will never miss an article again because each time a new article is published, you get notified. Subscriptions are the best way to grow a blog. I understand that there are lots of emails in your inboxes, so I promise you will receive no spam. Here is a promise: we will never share your emails with anyone else, not even other blogger friends.

Thank you for reading and thank you for supporting in any way you can.

C. S