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The Coach-Player Dyad: Getting The Best Out of the People in Your Team

When you build relationships, when you create these intimate bonds, the expectation is not for the player to adapt to the coach’s requirements. It is for the coach to adapt to each player’s emotional needs. That way, the coach will know which buttons to press in different situations to get the best out of the player. At the end of the day, it is not about the coach, but about the player.

Knowledge vs Experience: why great players don’t always make great coaches or analysts

Every now and then people without previous playing experience are made to feel as if their opinions hold little value by former players because the former professionals are “experts”. Not only that, but it is often difficult for a person without previous playing experience to break into commentary, and if they do, they are often not accorded the respect they deserve. It is even much more difficult for people without previous playing experience or with limited playing experience to be respected as coaches.