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Distractions (Part 3): Managing Distractions And Staying On Course

Distractions account for an incredibly high number of dropped points, lost matches and missed opportunities in sport. Therefore, it’s little wonder that opposition “mental disintegration” was a part of Steve Waugh’s tactics. Nowadays, across all sports codes, opponents try to upset each other’s focus and concentration to get an edge. Couple that with the demands of the leagues and fans, among others, that leave an athlete depleted both physically and mentally.

Fans, Their Superstitions And How They Affect Outcomes

Fans from all sporting codes believe that they can influence match outcomes. They wear specific clothes on matchday (lucky socks, lucky shirts, lucky shorts, lucky hats, etc), because they bring good luck, sit in specific positions to watch from home. Some cricket fans stand on one leg when the score is at 111, Unlucky Nelson, others will refrain from making positive comments regarding players because they’re afraid of jinxing them. Commentators are also wary of the commentator’s curse.

Comebacks: Why They Take Us Over The Edge

In a match where our team is leading or dominating so much that victory seems certain, we own the victory. We count on it and perceive it in the same manner that we count on our ownership of a physical object. We are endowed with victory and we are unwilling to part with it. Therefore, when a victory that we thought was ours is unexpectedly taken away, we are devastated.

The Coach-Player Dyad: Getting The Best Out of the People in Your Team

When you build relationships, when you create these intimate bonds, the expectation is not for the player to adapt to the coach’s requirements. It is for the coach to adapt to each player’s emotional needs. That way, the coach will know which buttons to press in different situations to get the best out of the player. At the end of the day, it is not about the coach, but about the player.

Better Marketing and Positive Messaging vs Gimmicks: how cricket needs to grow

The globalization of cricket does not depend on the duration of play and neither does it depend on gimmicks and sideshows, instead, it depends on grassroots penetration. Instead of asking people to rise to the class of the game, they need to bring down the game to the people’s level. And this entails removing the cloud of it being a sport for the gentry that hangs over it.