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Skill, Know-how and Myelin: the difference between knowledge and experience

What athletes do, though it looks easy to the viewer or analyst, is a result of years and years of deep and targeted practice, years and years of myelin accumulation. As viewers, casual observers, analysts and commentators, we need an extra second to take in information in relation to the match situation. Athletes need much less time to make decisions and take action.

Distractions (Part 3): Managing Distractions And Staying On Course

Distractions account for an incredibly high number of dropped points, lost matches and missed opportunities in sport. Therefore, it’s little wonder that opposition “mental disintegration” was a part of Steve Waugh’s tactics. Nowadays, across all sports codes, opponents try to upset each other’s focus and concentration to get an edge. Couple that with the demands of the leagues and fans, among others, that leave an athlete depleted both physically and mentally.

Comebacks: Why They Take Us Over The Edge

In a match where our team is leading or dominating so much that victory seems certain, we own the victory. We count on it and perceive it in the same manner that we count on our ownership of a physical object. We are endowed with victory and we are unwilling to part with it. Therefore, when a victory that we thought was ours is unexpectedly taken away, we are devastated.

Team Culture: Bad Apples Really Do Spoil the Barrel

That behaviour, because it is a willful antagonism of team values and principles, creates a dysfunctional team and a toxic environment. As people, our behaviour is informed by how others around us, especially those with seniority, are behaving. When we believe others are doing little or nothing at all, we’re reluctant to do our part. On the other hand, if we feel others are trying to the best of their abilities to advance a common cause, we are motivated to push ahead.

The Underdogs and Our Love For Them

It has also been said that we root for the underdog because we see ourselves in them. We identify with the underdog, whatever our station in life, we see ourselves as battling against the odds to reach our goals. Seeing an underdog triumph reminds us that we also can make it. Not only that, but the underdog also embodies the values we associate with ourselves; passion, grit, and determination

The Nature of Rivalries: Pushing Each Other to the Limit

Sometimes looking at head-to-head statistics or success in the leagues or tournaments that teams or athletes participate paints a false picture of a rivalry. One team might have more wins or more success, and looking formidable on paper, however, that does not take away intensity or the motivation to outdo from the rivalry.

The Curse Of Talent

Technical perfection wins the prodigy adoration, but if the prodigy does not eventually go beyond this, and develops a real-world application of those technical abilities, they will sink into oblivion. After all, technical soundness is not enough. Players with unsound techniques go on to make it big if they manage to adapt their styles to match situations. Sound technique needs to be coupled with creativity, that is the only way that it can be adaptable to differing conditions.

Knowledge vs Experience: why great players don’t always make great coaches or analysts

Every now and then people without previous playing experience are made to feel as if their opinions hold little value by former players because the former professionals are “experts”. Not only that, but it is often difficult for a person without previous playing experience to break into commentary, and if they do, they are often not accorded the respect they deserve. It is even much more difficult for people without previous playing experience or with limited playing experience to be respected as coaches.