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The Underdogs and Our Love For Them

It has also been said that we root for the underdog because we see ourselves in them. We identify with the underdog, whatever our station in life, we see ourselves as battling against the odds to reach our goals. Seeing an underdog triumph reminds us that we also can make it. Not only that, but the underdog also embodies the values we associate with ourselves; passion, grit, and determination

Understanding: The Key Building Trust and Teamwork in Diversity

The importance of understanding is not limited to individual team members, it also extends to subgroups. A lot of times when people think of building trust and cohesiveness in diverse teams, the common standpoint is that subgroups are detrimental to team culture and cohesiveness. The belief is that “fault lines,” or divisions based on race, gender, income, age, religion, and so on give rise to conflict and distrust among players in different subgroups.